Rhiannon Menn

In Pulp Fiction, crime kingpin Marsellus Wallace calls in Mr. Wolf when stuff gets really stressful. Mr. Wolf cruises in and effortlessly takes care of it. When building this hotel and stu got really hard, we called Rhiannon.

Rhiannon holds degrees from Berkshire Community College, Brown University, and MIT but she left a fast climbing career in management consulting to pursue a passion in design and real estate development.

In her role as Mr. Wolf at The Present, she designed the coffee station, curated and hung the artwork, designed the custom signage and print materials, and managed a punch list crew switching between English and Spanish. Her best skill is in bringing the best out of the people around her.

All of this was done as a multi-hundred hour, marvelous multitasking session complete with a smile while nursing an infant, drinking decaf coffee, and dictating commands to Siri.