Elizabeth Demos

When we asked Liz to send us her bio, she sent us all the facts. We’ll give you those first, but we’ll also share our personal perspective on working with this firecracker.

Elizabeth Demos is a designer, creative director, producer, content contributor, and photo stylist. She is best known for her fresh and intuitive approach to projects for print, television and online media. Her editorial contributions have been featured in a variety of national publications, and it is likely you have also seen her handiwork on television, in advertising campaigns, catalogs, and books.

After years of styling and producing content for magazines and designers she naturally crossed over to design commercial and residential interiors. In 2016 Elizabeth was approached by the Scripps Network Interactive and tasked to design sweepstakes homes for the DIY Network.

Now for our two cents: Liz is truly all of those things, and more. She is wonderfully opinionated, and her opinions always seem to be right. She is insanely creative and has the eye of a true artist. This project was challenging: design 15 unique rooms with individual styles, furniture, artwork, and finishes. We had friendly design debates, and
Liz (almost) always won.

If you love the design of this hotel, the person to thank the most is Elizabeth Demos.