Dylan Russell

Carpentry for Dylan is a labor of love. He can crank out framing and finish with speed and precision but you really steal his heart when you pass him a challenging project that allows him to bring imagination and creativity in the mix.

“Dylan, we need a live edge table that will become the centerpiece for the entire hotel. It will draw people in for late morning breakfasts and early evening cocktails. It needs to withstand Savannah’s 95% humidity and 100-degree days. It’ll survive Biblical summer thunderstorms and semi-annual hurricanes. And it needs to look good doing it.”

Dylan took this challenge like he does every other. He pushed his glasses up on his nose and gave a big-bearded smile and said, “I don’t have time during the days but if you bring it to my woodshop I can work on it at night.” And so he did.

After some research, he selected White Cyprus as the wood species. “It’s what they used to build ships out of,” he explained. And night after night, often holding his young son Roman in one hand and a brush in the other, he applied layer after layer of epoxy and marine polyurethane.

He then hired his kid-brother Jason, an engineering student at University of Georgia, to design and fabricate the legs.

And thanks to the hard work of Dylan and Jason Russell, and patience of Roman and Cici (pictured), we have the centerpiece live edge table at The Present.