David Cuzick

David B. Cuzick spent his childhood and teen years in Los Angeles and San Diego. After attending Art Center College Of Design in 1991 in Pasadena, CA. for photography, David moved to San Francisco to pursue painting and animation.

After working in the fields of animation, sculpture, David started Circles and Squares, a business in which he prints his art and design on clothing, paper, and wood.

He currently lives in San Diego, CA. with his two children who are a constant source of
entertainment and inspiration.

I love to work on wood and paper. For the past few years, my main mediums have
included screen print, painting and drawing. I use digital tools when necessary and incorporate them seamlessly into my work, with the ultimate goal being a clear and accessible realization of my vision.

In my personal as well as commercial work, I always try and weave in a sense of narrative. I strive to capture a story in a single frame. I call these frames “key” frames, a term taken from the process of animation which I studied in college. The key frame gives the viewer a good sense of where the action has been as well as where it is going. The narrative is implied without being ridged, challenging the viewer to continue to interpret the story on his or her own. I feel that I have only begun to scratch the surface of what is possible as my graphic and painterly styles continue to merge into a single unified voice for my ideas.