About Us

You’ve stayed at hotels. Now stay at The Present.

We are a 15-room boutique hotel in the heart of Savannah, Georgia. Here, moments are captured, not coordinated. We measure time in slow mornings and happy hours. So let your itinerary give way to impulse and see where each day takes you.

At The Present, your experience is our first priority. That’s why we offer automated check-in and a Director of Guest Experience you can text whenever you need to. We’re also mindful of our impact on the Earth, so we offer by-request linen service and don’t supply single-use plastics.

While you’re here, we encourage you to meet fellow travelers in the gated courtyard, explore Savannah’s many intricacies, and enjoy the small surprises we’ll supply throughout your stay.

Artists & Artisans Who Built The Present

Aaron Silidker — Sign fabrication