Aaron Silidker

Aaron Silidker is the mad scientist who refused to write his biography, so we’ll write it for him. We met Aaron years ago when he applied to a job listing for MacGyver and that’s exactly what he is. Educated as an engineer at University of Michigan, Aaron is a master machinist and welder with a deep passion for all things metal. He recently left a high-paying job at a rocketship metal 3D printing startup to live in a van with his girlfriend. Not just any van: a 4x4 Mercedes Sprinter 3500 he custom built to be (almost) as comfortable as The Present Hotel.

Diesel-fuel heated radiant flooring, hot showers, full kitchen, heat and AC. They skied 38 Rocky Mountains in about 90 days.

Asking Aaron to design and fabricate our hotel signs is like asking Babe Ruth to pinch hit a little league game, but he built the signs in his Connecticut workshop and drove down to Savannah in a 16 hour Redbull road trip from New England. He rented a bucket truck and hung 18 letters in less than 10 hours using the custom jig he had built.

“Look how beautiful these backside welds are,” he said. “That line is less than 2mm and no one will ever even see them.”

“Don’t worry, man,” we said. “We’ll hang a picture or something.”